Joaquim Trier completes his so-called “Oslo Trilogy”

Norwegian director Joaquim Trier completes his so-called “Oslo Trilogy” by following “Reprise” and “Oslo, August 31st” with this multilayered tragi-comic look at a young creative woman (Renate Reinsave) who drifts between two lovers as she struggles to find her identity in a fast-moving world. Trier’s complex tonal juggling act includes heavy voiceover as it unfolds across 12 chapters to explore its protagonist’s life, with inventive curveballs that deal that include a memorable mushroom trip and a foray into cancel culture.

The dramedy has been compared by many to “Frances Ha,” and in favorable terms. However, that kind of formula isn’t exactly the most groundbreaking, and as the competition continues, the jury may be more inclined to reward more daring material. Still, “Worst Person” is accomplished enough to remain a contender, perhaps for screenplay or for Reinsave in the best actress category.