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Love Dump

The owner of a refurbished-trash shop, Jessica Dump, serendipitously meets a forlorn dog lawyer, Todd Barkley, and the two fall in love... However, their love is put to the test when Jessica's quest to find her missing father forces her to look inward in this 'not-quite-Hallmark' romantic comedy. Love Dump is the 2021 winner of "Best Comedy Feature" in The Great Canadian Comedy Film Festival.

Jason Avezzano is a writer and director known for his various short films, music videos, and web series, which explore emotions and human connection from an off-center and reflective point of view. He began his career as an AD on off-Broadway plays in New York City, before making the move to Los Angeles to pursue directing as a career. He further developed his unique perspective and enhanced his ability to coach actors from his experience as assistant to Casting Director, Cara Rosenbaum at McCarthy/ Abellera and Kerrie Mailey at KM casting.

In 2019 he directed his first feature, Love Dump, a Hallmark romantic comedy-spoof created by a pair of Second City Chicago comedians. His short, Open, which examines queer relationships, sex, and monogamy, premiered at the Beverly Hills Laemmle in 2019. His latest short, About That, follows a young woman’s struggles with OCD and has just entered the festival circuit. Jason recently finished writing an original spec which tells the story of a young boy falling in "friend love" and coming to terms with his homosexuality.

His various works are featured on his website,


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