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Musician and painter, Randall Vemer, has once again expanded his talent pool; this time into filmmaking.

In a nearly 12-minute biographical documentary, Vemer reveals what happened when his ability to play his beloved viola was taken away.

The film is filled with striking portraits of the people and instruments by which he's been surrounded for much of his life. And always the educator, the hauntingly lovely music is scored and timed, not only to enhance the viewer's enjoyment of Vemer's classical style images but also to point out which instrument is highlighted within the rich and ethereal paintings.

Randall Vemer's musical bio-doc is a moving tribute to the creativity, discipline, and heart of this incredibly talented man. If you need a pick-me-up, a gentle nudge in "the feels", or just a good old-fashioned American success story, you MUST watch this film.

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