Soul's on fire

Soul's on Fire is a feature script which is written by Joseph Lincoln Harrison. The script was an official selection and an award winner of the 10th edition of NY Independent Cinema Awards.

Rikers Island. Moses Condores is getting out of prison. He's a seasoned, rugged, no-nonsense Puerto Rican NYC gangster, now determined to leave the life behind. Some people don't seem to believe him — the associates who've come to pick him up turn on him suddenly. Moses, with an almost supernatural ability to sense danger, is ready for them. And when girlfriend Lidia also turns on him, she joins them in death. He tells his lieutenant Rafael, who's now running the show, that he's out. Rafael has his doubts, but accepts Moses's retirement. Moses returns to Puerto Rico, to Mama Isabel, sister Franchesca and brother Javier. Javier's looking to make a name for himself and command respect just like his brother — but Moses is dead set against that, and not just because Mama Isabel fears for the boy. Moses knows too well what this life does to people. He wants himself and everybody he loves out. Hood Lorenzo, though, disrespects Javier, and Moses is forced to teach him a lesson. Necessitating a visit to Lorenzo's uncle, Rio Cruz — Moses's old ally and childhood friend — who runs things around here. With Rio he finds Sarita, with whom he had an affair seven years before. Rio's glad to see Moses and bears him no ill will for Lorenzo. He knows Moses to be a man of integrity. He took a bullet meant for Rio's wife, once — Rio owes all he has to Moses's strength and loyalty. Moses drives Sarita home, where he's shocked to find she has a seven-year-old son... and he is the boy's father! Genuinely shocked but happy, Moses tells Joel he'll spend the rest of his life making up for his absence and being the kind of father he needs. Mama Isabel is overjoyed to have the grandson she always hoped for. And Moses and Sarita soon marry. But Moses has previously met a beautiful temptress, Elizabeth, whom he's surprised to see out front of Mama Isabel's house when he brings Joel. He tells Javier to ask around, find out what's up. Later, he calls Javier, who's gone missing — he says he's with Elizabeth, and wants Moses to come over. Moses, sensing trouble, arms up, and arrives to find Elizabeth holding Javier hostage. She intends to kill Moses in misguided vengeance for the death of her brother in Rikers. But Rio comes along with his men, and takes Elizabeth out! It wasn't just vengeance, Moses finds — there's a contract out on him. Who put out the contract? Nobody knows, but they intend to find out. Moses then learns that Javier overheard Lorenzo on the phone with her, talking about a meet. Moses does his own sleuthing and discovers the meeting place, which he infiltrates. Thinking Lorenzo's contact to be an old foe of his from New York, he's shocked to find it's Rafael! Rafael's got plans for Puerto Rico and thinks Lorenzo's the man to make it happen. But Moses has informed Rio of the meet, and he arrives with deadly vengeance to put a stop to it all. And takes a bullet meant for Moses — thus squaring their accounts. A final gunshot puts an end to Lorenzo's treachery. We end on a happy note, with Moses having gone into the café business — just across the street from Sarita's new art gallery. Starting a new life at last...

Writer Biography - Joseph Lincoln Harrison In film and video production, with twenty-five plus years of wide-ranging media production experience from inception to completion, I am skilled and effective at organizing and coordinating production projects at every level; ability to write and edit scenes, treatments, and scripts; conduct script analysis and contribute to script changes; excellent knowledge of on-site production, including set up, directing and producing; work with stakeholders to establish objectives, determine the budget, manage financial decisions, and establish timelines to bring projects to fruition. During the administration of President George H.W. Bush, I served as a member of the United States Secretariat for UPU Congress and Manager in Charge of Production for the UPU Congress/United Nations international production UPUC: New Directions for Worlds Posts directing script narration by multi-Emmy Award winner, Raymond Burr. Prior to having the honor of participating in that role, my experience in television includes lead videographer, field director, and editor at WLPB Louisiana Public Broadcasting on documentary Cradle of the Stars-Story of the Louisiana Hayride narrated by multi-Grammy Award winner Hank Williams Jr. and national award-winning documentary With All Deliberate Speed. While at TV39 WFYZ Nashville/Murfreesboro as writer-producer and director, I initiated four weekly entertainment series. I worked at the Los Angeles-based Continental Cable freelance as writer, producer, director producing an award-winning cable television series entitled The Entertainers as well as collaborating with acclaimed actress Marla Gibbs to produce the television pilot Memory Lane Talent Showcase with Marla Gibbs. This led to work as a writer, director, and co-producer in the production of the television pilot Sizzling Top Twenty Jazz Countdown with famed Broadway “Jesus Christ Superstar” actor and singer Carl Anderson. I received a BA degree from UCLA majoring in Ethnic Arts and Television Production, a Master’s Degree in Mass Communications, a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Film and Video from LaSalle University, an alumnus of the renowned UCLA Professional Screenwriter's program, and attended writer seminars with the legendary Syd Field, Dov Simens, and David Freeman. I currently work as a writer, producer, director for a government agency, working with executive leaders nationwide crafting policy-driven video messaging for all levels of the organization. Keeping my passion for engaging in all aspects of production, as 2nd Assistant Director, I worked on Alain Siritzky’s feature film The Click and as 1st Assistant Director on Benchmark Productions features film The 33rd Night. Additionally, I spent over three years as Director, Public Relations W.I.S.A. Imports and Exports in Madrid, Spain writing copy for product advertisement and marketing.