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Tyrone Evans Clark And His New Short Film

Tyrone Evans Clark is an American actor and filmmaker. Tyrone recently directed Homeless Sam & Sally, a satirical indie film where he also portrays the lead character of the film.

Tyrone directed the film after experiencing homelessness himself throughout his life.

The reality of the character is devastating when his mother fails to come up with the rent money. The strength of the film relies on the story which is a tragedy but expressed through a satirical and comic genre.

The film was selected and awarded in the short film section of many international film festivals within the past few months.

Tyrone wanted to initially turn this project into a TV series but this did not happen and the project ended up as an indie short.

Tyrone made this very personal film dealing with his own crisis in life as an artist in poverty. The characters of the film cope with their tragedy while daydreaming and fantasizing about a better life.

Tyrone Evans Clark continues his work as an indie filmmaker and actor.


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