Winners of NY Independent Cinema awards

The award winners of New York Independent Cinema Awards were announced today. The lineup of winners seem to be an exciting selection of indie films from U.S. and International filmmakers. The festival was a vitual event and the emerging festival is planning to continue selecting and awarding films. The mission of the festival is to discover and promote groundbreaking independent film and script projects and artists from all over the globe. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of New York Independent Cinema Awards.

Best Narrative Feature:


Director: Tom Cosgrove

Best U.S. Narrative Short & Best Director & Best Actress:


Director: Tara Elliott

Starring: Sara Ruth Brown

Best International Narrative Short:

Here comes the wolf

Director: Rohart Julie

Best U.S. Documentary Feature:

Midnight Run

Director: Joshua Sauceda

Best U.S. Short Documentary:

The Beast of Our Time

Director: Maaike Middleton

Best International Feature Documentary:

The truth about La Dolce Vita

Director: Giuseppe Pedersoli

Best International Short Documentary:


Director: Yolanda García

Best Cinematography:

Open heart surgery

Director: Valeria Cocco

Best Actor:

Not Quite Lost

Starring: Kristian Repshus

Best Film Composer:

Daniel Bartley JR & Janice Gisele Muller for The Sweetest Girl

Best Musician:

Alexandra Petkovski & Kris Kovacs for What's Up (Reimagined)

Best Animation:

Disappearing Pathways

Directors: Michael Covello & Elizabeth Schneider

Best Experimental:


Director: Priscila Guedes

Best Music Video: Flying - Angèle Dubeau Director: Alexandre Richard

Best Trailer:

Expedition Ayiti

Director: Richard Serrao

Best Student Film:

Dust Cloud

Director: Trudi Houston

Best Series-Pilot:

Senior (dog) walker

Directors: Carlos Millán & Camilo Pérez

Best Docufiction:


Director: Ariel Semmel

Best Science Fiction & Best Horror:


Director: Joshua Abram

Best Feature Screenplay:

The Way Home

Writer: Ewa Stankiewicz

Best Short Screenplay: Everything is Everything Writer: Omar Laurent